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“Please Bring Our Sinhala Friends Back Home”, Plead Jaffna People
[Updated :: 2010-09-17 22:41:15 Hours]

A group of Sinhalese born in Jaffna who were compelled to leave their home in Jaffna for security reasons due to LTTE atrocities in 1983 arrived in the Jaffna Civil Affairs and Public Relations (CIMIC) office this week to submit their request for assistance to resettle in former living areas in Jaffna.

Representing the team, an elderly person and one middle-aged lady submitted their letter of request signed by members of eighty Sinhala families along with valid documents issued by the then government to claim the ownership of their lands on Tuesday (14.09.2010) morning.

Most of them had been born, educated and employed in Jaffna while others are descendants of those families. Speaking with wet eyes eloquently in both Sinhalese and Tamil languages to the officers of the CIMIC office and media personnel gathered at the scene to report this touching moment, they unfolded their nostalgic memories of peaceful life with neighbouring Tamil friends.

The age old bond between two communities were amply demonstrated when some aged Tamil persons who had showed up at the location to welcome their Sinhala brothers and sisters requested the CIMIC officers to assist them to regain the previous company of their friends from the childhood. They also urge His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to accede their request and give them opportunity to rebuild good relationship between two communities.

The Sinhala families in question had found their homes earlier in Thirunelveli, Gurunagar, Kolombuthurai and a few other areas including some populated streets in the town. The government had vested them some lands. However, increasing LTTE violence made them leave their property in 1983 and make temporary shelter initially at centres for the Internally Displaced. At the moment most of those families are residing with their relatives in Anuradhapura and Mihinthale areas.

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