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Jaffna “CIMIC” Office & NAITA in Joint Venture to Promote Livelihood of Civilians
[Updated :: 2010-09-17 22:55:19 Hours]

Jaffna Civil Affairs and Public Relations (CIMIC) office functioning under the Security Forces Headquarters-Jaffna (SF-J) in affiliation with National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) has started vocational training courses to promote livelihood of people in Jaffna through self employment.

As a pilot project, NAITA on recommendation of the CIMIC office has initially selected forty five soldiers serving in Jaffna who take interest in learning masonry to give an adequate training in Building Construction.

Objective of training those soldiers is to employ them in constructing houses for the civilians who are to be resettled and also to assist poor families in building and renovating their houses.

The first course which commenced about one and half months ago is conducted by a qualified staff of NAITA in Jaffna for three months.

Use of modern technology and equipment is taught during the course which includes lectures and practical training.

CIMIC office has planned to start a driving course for youth in Jaffna as the second part of the programme and preliminary discussions with NAITA officials about selecting people and their enrollment are to commence soon.

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