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Library Authorities Deny Baseless Media Reports
[Updated :: 2010-11-02 18:51:23 Hours]

There has been speculation in a few media outlets of an unruly situation at the Jaffna Library on 23rd October, after visitors from the south were denied entry to the premises by library authorities.

According to the Chief Librarian Mr. Sabharatnam Thanabalasingham, the reason for the unusual restriction on entry was a Medical Association Convention held in the Library auditorium, attended by prominent medical professionals, intellectuals and distinguished persons from Colombo and the North.

This reason had not been properly conveyed to the crowd of visitors by the security guard at the entrance. They had responded aggressively at what seemed an arbitrary change to usual practice, but security personnel were soon able to control the situation.

However, some reports stressed the altercation apparently to promote further dissension and to facilitate political advantages to elements attempting to fish in the troubled water. Contradicting such reports, Library and Jaffna Municipal authorities deny any violence as alleged within the premises on the above day. No subsequent similar incidents have taken place.

However, given the possible problems that might arise from the previous practice of unrestricted entry to visitors at all time, the Jaffna Municipal Council has introduced new policies with regard to visiting hours, considering the possible inconvenience caused by multiple visitors to members using the library for academic purposes. Subject to these, visitors are free to see the library as other libraries in the country.

In sum, while library authorities while refute misleading media reports about the incident, they request visitors in future to follow the rules prescribed by the Jaffna MC as to visiting hours.

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