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Many Thousands Attend Chariot Festival at Karainagar Sivam Temple
[Updated :: 2010-12-24 09:50:10 Hours]  

Karainagar Sivam Kovil, another highly venerated Hindu Temple in Jaffna was congested with over 5000 devotees on Tuesday (21.12.2010) when the Kovil had its Chariot Festival, which is considered the most significant ritual of the festival.

Pious Hindus despite occasional drizzles poured into the Temple premises to pay their homage to God Siva and Iyanar to whom this magnificent shrine is dedicated. Five large Chariots decorated and garlanded were pulled round the Temple by hundreds of men while many others rolled on the muddy ground in inexpressible devoutness yelling Aro Hara keeping their hands together above the heads. Some others went round the Kovil to fulfill their vows to the deity hanging themselves on hooks fastened to moving carts or piercing their cheeks and tongues with sharp iron tools.

Special bus services had been arranged by the Sri Lanka Transport Board and the private sector. Kovil authorities say it was the first time after thirty years that such a swelling crowd gathered in the venue. For the convenience of the pilgrims, drinking water and medical facilities had been made available at the temple.

The Karainagar Sivam Kovil has three festivals over the year, in March, June and December. The December Pooja or Thiruvembavai started on 13th and terminated on 22nd with water cutting ceremony.

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