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Many Thousands Taste the Largest Pongal Rice at Gateway to Jaffna
[Updated :: 2011-01-15 18:23:01 Hours]

Elephant Pass (EPS), once was a base for heavy fighting between terrorists and valiant soldiers who shed their blood and laid their lives to secure the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the motherland, this Saturday (15.01.2011) turned a traditional Hindu village where the same Army troops served Pongal rice to Jaffna people and thousands of others visiting Jaffna.

On concept of Commander Security Forces Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, soldiers of the 55 Division commanded by Brigadier Sudath Perera assisted by the troops of Task Force 7 cooked the largest Pongal rice at EPS gateway to Jaffna marking the Thai Pongal Hindu cultural annual festival 2011 and served them with tea to a crowd over 9000 passing the location out of and towards Jaffna since 7.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon on the 15th January. This is the first instance that such massive Pongal rice was prepared in the Sri Lankan history.

The modern hamlet created at the edge of the EPS lagoon by 55 Division soldier consisted of some traditional houses inhabited by Tamil families of Hindu faith with vegetation and animal-rearing so that any one who walks around could feel the real sense of this important Hindu festival. Sounds of crackers and Pongal music reverberated the air throughout while all passers by happily enjoyed the taste of Pongal rice with Sakkara (jaggery) cooked by soldiers. Occasional showers experienced at EPS were not at all a barrier to the event.

A cultural performance also had been arranged for entertainment at the venue adorned with National Flags, floral decorations and Kolam (designs drawn on the floor).

Commander SF-J accompanied by Brigadier General Staff SF-J Brigadier B.C.J.A.F. Rodrigo and senior officers visited all houses to meet people there and handed over Thai Pongal gifts to them.

A large number of officers and soldiers of the SF-J contributed to make the event a total success.

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