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“Some Interested Parties Try to Fish in Troubled Water; Security in Jaffna Beefed up,” Says Jaffna Commander
[Updated :: 2011-01-22 18:00:20 Hours]

Commander Security Forces – Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe stated on Saturday (22.01.2011) that the Army and Police would take all possible measures to prevent unauthorized persons carrying weapons other than Security Forces and the Police. Addressing a gathering of clergy, representatives of Jaffna community and senior civil administrative officials in the presence of electronic and print media at the District Secretariat Jaffna, SF-J Commander said some unscrupulous groups are trying to distort the prevailing situation in Jaffna giving a wrong impression to the world, especially during this local government election season.

Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe said some incidents of looting and burglaries are not specific only to Jaffna and those incidents normally take place anywhere in the island. However, some interested parties are trying to highlight a few of such incidents occurring in Jaffna to show the world that Jaffna is still not safe. He further said that it is a prime duty of the Security Forces to ensure peace and harmony in the peninsula while assisting the Police to maintain law and order. This will be ensured by taking all security measures in assisting the Police to maintain law and order.

“Army will intensify present security measures by increasing random checks, snap roadblocks and night patrols in different areas including the city from today onwards. These measures are taken not to harass anybody but to prevent unlawful happenings in Jaffna for the safety of peace-loving people. During his recent visit to Jaffna, His Excellency the President instructed to take all possible actions to stop the rising wave of petty crimes within the peninsula and make a peaceful environment for the people to live in”, Commander added.

“Intention of some organized groups is to tarnish the image of the Security Forces and the Police. I ensure that no Army personnel involve in such anti-social activities. If they were caught being engaged in those activities, I will not hesitate to give the maximum punishment to them. And we have on earlier occasions done so because Army and Police must set an example to others”, SF-J Commander reiterated.

Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe requested the media to do their reporting with responsibility.

Joining the discussion, Bishop Jaffna Most Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas Soundranayagam expressed his pleasure about the increase of security measures by the Headquarters SF-J. “Recently my vehicle was stopped by the Security Forces and Police at a five-six places on my way. I am very happy about that” Bishop Jaffna told the forum.

Acting Deputy Inspector General of Police for Jaffna Mr. Cycil Perera revealed that compared to Colombo and some areas in the south, crime rate in Jaffna lies low. “Police will very soon recruit 5000 youths from the north to the Department and with their absorption to the service, problems rising due to language difference could be overcome,” DIG Perera said.

Government Agent Jaffna Mrs. Emelda Sukumar who organized the briefing thanked Commander SF-J Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe and other officials for positive actions taken by the Army to ensure peace and tranquility in the area and thanked for enlighting the media and administrative officials about the present security measures in place in Jaffna.

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