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Local Fishermen Submit Their Grievances to Indian Consulate General in Jaffna
[Updated :: 2011-02-21 18:20:13 Hours]

Compelling the Indian government to take early actions against Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters, a large crowd of Jaffna fishermen staged a peaceful protest in front of the Indian Consulate in Jaffna Monday (21.02.2011) morning.

Nearly one thousands fishermen representing 121 fishing societies across the peninsula who arrived in Thirunelvely sat in front of the office of Indian Consulate General holding banners to show their protest against atrocities of Indian poachers who illegally cross the Sri Lankan sea boarder. They conducted a peaceful march along the Jaffna-Plaly main road and reached the Consulate General’s office to hand over a communiqué requesting for urgent steps to stop the entry of Indian poachers into Sri Lankan boundary.

People who gathered at the venue expressed their dismay for inability of the Blue Water Navy and Sri Lankan Navy to arrest Indians who cross the Indo-Sri Lankan sea boarder in large flotillas. Conducting awareness programmes for Indian fishermen about international marine laws and starting an effective joint patrolling system by the Navies of both countries are among the major demands of local fishermen, according to sources.

Local fishermen complain that Indian poachers not only exploit their sea resources but violate international laws and ethics pertaining fishing. Bottom trawling is the worst among those during which they harrow the sea bed for more harvest destroying small fishes and plants and causing grave ecological problems. They allege that Indian poachers are using nets with smaller gauges and “light cause” which is prohibited in fishing. Local fishermen are really annoyed about their fishing nets cut and damaged by Indian poachers. The damage they have so far caused to fishing gears of Jaffna fishermen is estimated around Rs. 11.5 million during past few weeks, according to information.

There are about 87000 dependants of 21000 fishing families in Jaffna.

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