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They Turned to be Symbol of Courage
[Updated :: 2011-03-24 18:29:01 Hours]

God has given us eyes to see the beauty of the nature and ears to hear the whisper of the nature. You cannot imagine of a life sans seeing and hearing. But life is not always what we expect. For some reasons, destiny turns unkind to some people dragging their life into misery. However, there area some who never let their lives fail but succeed with their courage and willpower. What is required is some kind hearts to lend a helping hand in their effort to lead a normal life.

Nuffield School for the Deaf and the Blind at Kaithady is one such place looking after children who became differently able. Run by the Church of Anglican Mission (CAM) Colombo with assistance of the Sri Lankan government, this school provides special education to 207 deaf and blind girls and boys from Grade 1 up to G.C.E. O/L. There are 28 teachers assisted by 20 minor staff members serving with dedication to console those innocent souls.

Four students who turned disabled in the war and found admission to the Kaithady Nuffield School for the Deaf and the Blind, anxious of further education, have set up unmatched example to the world by obtaining good results at the 2010 GCE O/L examination.

Clement Christida (27)
Vijayaluxmi Wickramarasa (20)
Santhirarasa Vikneswaran (23)
Vijayakumar Vijayalathan (22)

Clement Christida (27) born at Thelippalai started her education at Thelippalai Government Tamil Mixed School. Since she missed the affection of her parents from the childhood, her grandmother took the responsibility of taking care of the girl. Rising disturbances in the area compelled them to leave Thelippalai in 1987 and found shelter in Manipay, Kilinochchi and Puthukudiyirippu. Christida received injuries in an explosion of a mortar in 2000 in Kilinochchi where she lost her both eyes and the right hand. As the LTTE terrorists forced civilians to move along with them during last fighting, Christida was also taken to Vellamullivaikkal in 2009. She had to be there until Army troops rescued civilians.

Clement Christida found a seat at Nuffield School and sat the GCE O/L in 2010 under the Index Number 64883922 at which she got good results.

“I cannot study A/L science as I have lost both eyes and the right hand. So I will study Arts subjects and I want to be a teacher”, she concluded.

Vijayaluxmi Wickramarasa (20) is another war victim at the Nuffield school. She was born in Point Pedro and entered Punithanagar Katkovalam school and Varani Maha Viththiyalam for primary education. Gradually displaced by the war, Vijayalauxmi got injured in 2009 at Puthumatthalan. She lost her eyes, right hand and fingers of the left hand. But robustness in Vijayalauxmi guided her to be successful in GCE O/L examination in 2010 under the Index Number 64883892 as a student of Nuffield school.

“My aim is to become a music teacher,” she revealed her ambition.

Santhirarasa Vikneswaran (23) born in Oddusudan is an old pupil of Nedunkerni Maha Viththiyalam. He says that his father died in 2008 in Suganthirapuram.

“I was injured in 2006 at Oddusudan. I lost my eyes, right hand and three fingers of the left hand. After the war was over I came to this school”, Santhirarasa says. He has got good results at the GCE O/L examination 2010 under the Index Number 64883876.

Santhirarasa says he wants to be a lawyer.

Vijayakumar Vijayalathan (22) who successfully got through the GCE O/L under the Index Number 64883884 was a resident in Kankesanthurai and an old pupil of Manipay St. Anne’s College. After being displaced by the war, he went to Vavunikulam Balinagar in Mullaithivu District and finally came to Vellamullivaikkal where he sustained injuries loosing both eyes.

“I will study Arts subjects to be a lawyer”, Vijayakumar says.

On special approval of Mr. Anura Edirisiinghe, Commissioner General Examination, Christida, Vijayaluxmi, Santhirarasa and Vijayakumar were assisted by three invigilators at the examination. One invigilator read out the questions, the other one wrote answers orally given by candidates while another recordeed the answers given.

These exemplary characters convey the message to the world that nothing is impossible if there is courage and determination. But they need affection and care of others to be a part of our society.

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