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Army Arrests Extortionists Cum Abductors in Jaffna
[Updated :: 2011-04-16 19:50:10 Hours]

Security Forces personnel serving in Jaffna could unveil secrets of a clandestine group of racketeers after they arrested three political activists belonging to a Tamil political party, who attempted to extort money from a businessman in Chankanai area on Friday (15).

Troops arrested the group of extortionist led by a person known as Thushara who had come from Trincomalee for the purpose following information of Appathurai Arbutharasa (32) of Chankanai.

Appearing before a team of Jaffna local media personnel on Friday, Appathurai Arbutharasa revealed that they impersonated Security Forces members and attempted to get ransom from him. He further reveled that Thushara prepares and issues bogus letters to Tamils seeking asylum or in need of getting their foreign visa extended. Thushara has given such a letter to Appathurai Arbutharasa’s brother Appathurai Anantharaja who is presently residing in Germany and trying to get his visa extended through his brother. Although the deal was concluded for a ransom of Rs. 500,000/=, Appathurai Arbutharasa had paid only Rs. 30,000/= to Thushara who had come all the way from Trincomalee in a van (250-5489) to abduct Appathurai Arbutharasa if he fails to pay the balance.

Later, the culprits were handed over to the Jaffna Police for further investigations.

Earlier on many occasions, it was reiterated that some organized groups are trying to show to the world that abductions and extortions are still taking place in Jaffna making Jaffna unsafe for ordinary people for the sheer motive of getting or renewing their foreign visa.

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