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Vesak Decorations Illuminate Jaffna
[Updated :: 2011-05-20 09:05:25 Hours]

Ida modathi pecca modathi, kathapunno ubayattha modathi
So modathi so pamodathi, disva kamma visuddhimatthano

(GOOD DEEDS BRING HAPPINESS. A wise person does good deeds. Having done those good deeds he rejoices here in this world. He rejoices in the life after as well. Seeing the purity of his virtuous actions, he rejoices. He is thoroughly joyous seeing the goodness of his deeds. - Yamakavagga of Dhammapada)

Troops of Security Forces Jaffna (SF-J) now committed to ensure security, prosperity and wellbeing of people in Jaffna in keeping with precepts of Lord Buddha, joined hands with the world to celebrate the 2600 Sri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi organizing various religious activities at various places in the peninsula. In addition to Sil-observing campaigns, soldiers of all Divisions, Brigades and Units of SF-J decorated streets and areas around their camps and organized Dansala for civilians.

Main Vesak celebration was organized in front of the Jaffna public library on 17th, 18th and 19th May with participation of senior government officials and Army personnel. A Vesak Zone had been put up along the road between the clock tower and Duraiyappa stadium. A large number of fabulous Vesak lanterns created by SF-J soldiers were on display for Jaffna civilians and visitors from the south, and the road had been illuminated with electric bulbs of different colours. The Vesak Zone inauguration ceremony was attended by the Government Agent Jaffna Mrs. Emelda Sukumar, Jaffna Mayoress Mrs. Yogeswari Pathgunarasa, General Officer Commanding 51 Division Major General Janaka Walgama as distinguished guests.

Thousands of people who visited the Vesak Zone were offered soft drinks by the soldiers at their Dansala on the library road for three days. Meanwhile, a team of students who arrived from Kandy as a gesture of unity between the communities went round the city on Tuesday (17) in a gaily-adorned vehicle singing (Bhakthi Gee) devotional songs.

Commander SF-J Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, attending the 2nd day celebrations on the library road thanked all who contributed their time and labour to this grand celebration organized to mark the 2600 Sri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi. Best Vesak lanterns were selected by a civilian panel and awarded by the SF-J Commander with valuables prizes. Government Agent Jaffna and General Officer Commander 51 Division also took part in the award of prizes.

The main event of the celebration was held at the Headquarters SF-J last Sunday (15) where Commander SF-J and 1400 soldiers observed Sil.

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