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“Don’t Try to Create Further Divisions among Communities”, Jaffna People Demand Bankrupt Tamil Politicians & Diaspora
[Updated :: 2011-06-05 22:40:13 Hours]

A section of peace-loving people in Jaffna started a hunger strike Saturday (04) demanding local Tamil politicians and the Diaspora to refrain from issuing adverse statements and staging demonstrations against Sri Lanka blocking fast development now taking shape in war-torn areas. Members of the People Association For Conflict Affected Areas launched the strike in the wake of continuous unappealing behaviour of some local Tamil politicians and the Diaspora objecting the development of the north for their narrow political motives.

Addressing local media Mr. G.V. Sahadevan told that no Tamil organizations abroad or their members have so far taken any interest in uplifting living standard or creating job opportunities for local Tamil population. Instead, they put the Sri Lankan government in dilemma through various adverse acts in foreign countries crippling government’s development projects implemented at the end of thirty year long war. They further said that bankrupt Tamil politicians and members of the Diaspora are trying to cripple the government’s economic development and reintegration process capitalizing Darusman Report.

“Now normalcy prevails in the country. Tamil people are moving along the peace path and enjoying fruit of peace. Making various reports on alleged war crimes would not serve the purpose. Drums of war crimes are being played by interested parties negating development in war affected areas. It only widens the gap between Sinhalese and Tamils. We implore the international community to let us preserve unity in the country by working together with the government so that socio-cultural and economic development and reintegration could be set on the fast track negating ill effects of 30- year war” strikers told the media.

They exhibited banners at a place between the public library and the Duraiyappa Stadium where about 10-15 members of the People Association For Conflict Affected Areas staged the hunger strike. The organization has branches in Kilinochchi, Batticaloa, Ampara, Mannar, Mullaithivu and Jaffna with its head office in Vavuniya.

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