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GA Jaffna Pacifies Hunger Strikers
[Updated :: 2011-06-06 16:05:15 Hours]

The hunger strike staged by the members of People Association For Conflict Affected Areas in the Jaffna town came to an end after the Government Agent Jaffna Mrs. Emelda Sukumar visited them and promised to forward their demands to officials responsible with intervention of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the earliest possible.

Mrs. Sukumar appreciated the bold step of Mr. G.V. Sahadevan and the followers who risked their lives for the sake of unity between communities in the country. The GA commended their decision to step down to the street on hunger strike on behalf of Tamil population with intention of ending their suffering at the hands of Tamil politicians with selfish motives and foreign bodies under the influence of Tamil Diaspora.

The GA informed them that their readiness for sacrifice has drawn special attention of HE the President.

“I being a Tamil personally commend your dedication towards the country’s unity and wellbeing of Tamils. Together with Commander Security Forces – Jaffna, I will take up your concerns to the HE and find favourable solutions to them,” Mrs. Sukumar told the strikers. After pacifying the strikers, she offered a glass of lime juice to Mr. G.V. Sahadevan who accepted it ending three-day long hunger strike.

Mr. G.V. Sahadevan and several members of the People Association For Conflict Affected Areas started the hunger strike Saturday (04) demanding local Tamil politicians and the Diaspora to refrain from issuing adverse statements and staging demonstrations against Sri Lanka blocking fast development now taking shape in war torn areas.

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