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Atchuvely-Thondamanaru Road Opened after 28 Years
[Updated :: 2011-07-11 08:20:30 Hours]

The Atchuvely – Point Pedro (PPD) main road running via Thondamanaru that had been closed nearly for 28 years was opened for the public on Sunday (10) by Hon Minister of Economic Development Mr. Basil Rajapaksa.

Hon. Minister Basil Rajapaksa accompanied by Hon. Minster of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprises Development Mr. Douglas Devananda, Governor Northern Province Major General (Retd) G.A. Chandrasiri and Commander Security Forces – Jaffna Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe opened the road cutting a ribbon amidst applause of cheerful villagers. It will hereafter be open 24 hours for the use of civilians.

The 4.5 km long Atchuvely-PPD road via Thondamanaru will reduce the traveling distance of people by about 10 km between destinations. The road was closed due to security reasons for the public in 1983 after LTTE terrorists destroyed famous Thondamanaru bridge and intensified their terrorist activities in the area. Since then civilians had been using Jaffna-PPD main road via Vallai causeway traveling extra miles and spending more time.

Opening of the road would benefit approximately 25000 civilians including schoolchildren, teachers, government servants and specially Hindu devotees arriving in Thondamanaru to worship sacred Sella Sannathi Skandha temple situated on the bank of the lagoon where the famous “Pada Yathra” in which hundreds of Northern Hindus walk to Kathragama to make offerings to God Skandha begins.

Addressing the gathering of civilians and government officials, Hon. Minister Basil Rajapaksa said, “Some politically motivated parties are blaming the government that resettlement process gets delayed. When resettlement is completed they again complain that no facilities are available for the resettled. This canard is totally untrue and they feel envious that public is now enjoying the fruit of peace.”

“The government was able to provide all the facilities to people due to the commitment of Security Forces. I must be thankful to the Commander Security Forces – Jaffna and the troops for their untiring effort taken towards resettlement and reconstruction,” Hon. Minister added.

He made a special note on humanitarian assistance extended by the Army to civilians completing de-mining, distributing relief items, helping schoolchildren, constructing houses and even providing meals to civilians.

A new bus service via Thondamanaru was started by the Hon. Minister. A large gathering of civilians were present on the occasion.

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