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“We Will Never Allow Scrupulous Elements to Disturb Peace now Being Enjoyed by People in Jaffna”– Jaffna Commander
[Updated :: 2011-08-23 19:59:21 Hours]

“Our soldiers have suffered enough for more than thirty years. They are still spending sleepless nights to protect the people in Jaffna. As the Commander Security Forces – Jaffna (SF-J), I will never ever allow my soldiers or the Police to suffer anymore at the hands of unlawful gangsters,” said Jaffna Commander Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe addressing a gathering of local media representatives at the Civil Affairs and Public Relations Office on the Hospital Road, Jaffna.

This media conference was organized to educate the present security situation in Jaffna subsequent to the incident of violence created by an organized mob.

The violence erupted in Muslim-inhabited Navanthurai area Monday (22) night over an fabricated story of appearance of a “Grease Yaka”. Police with assistance of the Army controlled the situation using minimum power and arrested 102 goons who provoked around 500 people against an Army sentry point.

“We have a clear mandate here to protect the people and their property. As members of a disciplined Army, we never allow anyone to take the law into their hands and attack the Police or Security Forces or to fulfill the ulterior motives of frustrated warmongers,” Commander said.

He further said that those who carry clubs, stones, swards, knives, sand and petrol-filled bottles to attack defenders of law could be branded as terrorists and no mercy will be shown towards them.

SSP Jaffna Mr.Nevil Pathmaddeva who had rushed to the scene of the incident last night told the media “People in the area told the Police that Army is providing many things to them in their daily affairs. Army provides loud speakers for their weddings, tents, water and everything possible.”

“Then who wanted to provoke people against such friendly soldiers,” SSP questioned. “People knew that Army would never harm them even if they intruded into the camp with clubs and petrol bottles and all in their hands. That is why they broke into the camp alleging that Army is keeping one “Grease Yaka” in their hiding. Even a Police jeep does not enter an Army camp without permission” the SSP remarked.

Four Policemen were injured and two Police vehicles were badly damaged by the violent mob. Police arrested 102 gangsters and released two A / L students who were among them on compassionate ground.

General Officer Commanding 51 Division Major General Janaka Walgama speaking at the briefing asked if so-called “Grease Yaka” had harmed anyone, or the Police had received any complaint in this regard.

“Majority in this peninsula has the contact number of the Jaffna Commander. They contact him for even trivial matters. They use those numbers to get consolation for their grievances. Then what is the reason for them not to contact the SF Commander over this incident?” Maj. Gen. Walgama claimed.

He further said that soldiers are spending sleepless nights throughout to protect Jaffna and its people while nearly 600,000 people are sleeping comfortably without any fear and why should they suffer any more at the hands of any unlawful goons.

The President Jaffna / Kilinochchi Muslim Federation Al Haj A.H. Jamal Mohideen told the media gathering that Muslims are observing Ramzan these days. “This is not Muslims’ behaviour in general. We want to live in harmony with Tamils. Only a few are involved in these violent activities,” he further said.

Thanking all media personnel for their presence at the press briefing SF-J Commander concluded saying, “Some people may say that presence of the Army is too much in Jaffna. But very same people have forgotten that we are serving people at their request. But please remember, reducing Army in Jaffna is decided by higher authorities not by any interested parties. That will be done at the right time,”

DIG Mr. Neil Daluwatta, Brigadier General Staff SF-J Brig. B.C.J.A.F. Rodrigo, HQI Jaffna Police Station Mr. Saman Sigera and representatives from the Muslim community in Jaffna were also present.

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