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They Were Happy to Come Back Home after Lapse of Years
[Updated :: 2011-11-03 18:45:39 Hours]

Peace and tranquility ushered in Jaffna with the end of the thirty year long period of terrorism has welcomed a large number of Jaffna residents, who were living in India for a couple of years after they left motherland during the period of separatist war, back to their homesteads.

Despite the rumours being spread by interested parties about Jaffna as still unsafe place for leading an ordinary life, 1690 members of 656 families have returned to Jaffna from India last month to settle in their original villages.

Out of the lot, majority were from the Point Pedro. Division of those families is as follows.

229 families from Point Pedro, 149 families from Jaffna, 39 families from Thelippalai, 35 families from Sandilippay, 30 families from Uduvil, 30 families from Chavakachcheri, 29 families from Velanai, 24 families from Delft, 21 families from Maruthankerny, 15 families from Chunnakam, 15 families from Kopay, 15 families from Nelliady and 12 families from Kayts.

A total of 113609 members of 36555 families have been resettled in the peninsula. This includes Internally Displaced Persons came from Welfare Centres in Jaffna and Vavuniya and those who returned from India.

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