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University Student Denies Involvement of Army in His Abduction
[Updated :: 2011-11-29 16:20:28 Hours]

With regard to the abduction of a Jaffna University student by unidentified group for reasons best known to them last Sunday (27), some electronic and print media, with malice had tried to convince their readers that Army is responsible for the abduction.

However, the attempt was invalidated after Vetharaniyam Lathis (26) of Aliyavalai, Thalaiady, the student in question returned on the following day and denied those media reports.

According to Vetharaniyam, a 2nd year student of “Siddhayurveda” faculty of the University of Jaffna, he was abducted by an unidentified group at a place between Thirunelveli and Kaithady on 27th evening and taken to an unknown destination and kept blindfolded until he was released near the Vavuniya bus stand the following day. He later managed to return to his hostel and lodge a complaint at Chavakachcheri Police.

“I say that Army and Police have no involvement in my abduction. I am unaware of who abducted me. I do not want to get involved in any unnecessary activities at the University and I want to continue my education and to be a doctor. Media reports published quoting me are not true. Those are not my statements but only their hypothesis,” says Vetharaniyam Lathis.

This unethical and inaccurate reporting once again testifies that some interested parties have not yet given up their campaign to tarnish the image of the Army and disrupt the good relations prevailing between the Army and the civil population.

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