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Sprinkler Irrigation System Successfully Experimented in Palaly Army Farm

[2013-01-26 16:57:47]

A time saving and economical irrigation system was successfully experimented at the Army farm run by Security Forces Headquarters (SF-J) in Palaly. The new irrigation system which sprinkles water on cultivation has proved to be advantageous in many ways. In the first place it requires lesser human labour. It also minimizes water wastage since required amount of water is equally sprayed on plants without unnecessarily flooding the field. It prevents the damages caused to crops by moving of water carrying hoses all over the field.

In this Sprinkler Irrigation system, water is pumped to the field in a tube and sprayed on cultivation through sprinklers wetting the plants and their roots to required level. Presently the system is successfully used to water red onion cultivation in an extent of 3 acres in the farm.

The system was developed here by Colonel Buddhika Gunaratne, Director Agriculture of Sri Lanka Army on advice of the Commander Security Forces - Jaffna Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe who visited Egypt to study this irrigation system. This is widely used in Egypt for agricultural purposes.

The Palaly farm stretching over 180 acres plans to expand the new irrigation system to many other parts of the farm. This farm provides fresh and quality vegetable to troops and surplus is sent to Jaffna markets at cheaper rates.

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