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Jaffna Commander Refutes False Allegations Published in Some Local Media against Army

[2013-02-14 15:05:17]

“Some local media are trying to propagate anti government and anti military notions conveying misleading news. They sometimes may try to instill idea of a separate state. If someone is dreaming of a separate state within the country that dream will never come true. It will never be allowed to happen”, said Commander Security Forces – Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe addressing a gathering of local media personal in Jaffna at Civil Affairs and Public Relations Office on Monday, 11th February.

The meeting was summoned to clarify some misleading news published in several local newspapers targeting the Army. SF-J Commander negated a few erroneous news carried by some newspapers with examples.

“Some newspapers level false allegations against the Army without any base. We have reduced the Army in Jaffna nearly by 14000 since 2009. We are continuing the process in future. The Army has now kept their arms aside. Everywhere you can see peace. See the deference then and now. No roadblocks, no checking, electricity is available 24 hours of the day. Media has enough freedom, Development is seen everywhere. No restriction for fishing. These are dividends of peace. I cannot understand why some newspapers do not write about those things,” Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe said.

He questioned that being so religious, why various crimes such as rape cases, use of drugs and thefts are rising in Jaffna. And he suggested that media must discuss those things too to show the righteous way to the public so that it may help protect our values.

“Pen is a powerful weapon. Never use it to do any harm to society. Don’t use it for the interest of anyone’s selfish motives or hallucinations. Use it to write the truth. We have never forced any media as to what should be written and what should not be written. But I request you to use that freedom the right way,” SF-J Commander added.

Referring to a recent incident of assault on a newspaper delivery bike, one senior editorial member of a local newspaper requested the SF-J Commander to beef up security on the roads during wee hours. SF-J Commander agreed upon his request.

Having highlighted illegal sand mining by some people at Thondamanaru Delta during night, a request came to the SF-J Commander from the forum for necessary actions to prevent it to which he agreed to see
In the meantime, Maj. Gen. Hathurusinghe promised to take immediate actions to net illicit sand transporters operational in the peninsula using the Army’s name.

Senior editorial members and reporters from all local print and electronic media were present at the meeting.

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