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Depositing of Sacred Relics and Unveiling the Pinnacle of Newly Constructed “Stupa” at 55 Division Temple Premises

[2017-08-24 17:18:25]

An all-night Pirith Chanting Ceremony was held under the supervision of Brigadier Aruna Muhandiram, General Officer Commanding 55 Division and with the active participation of devotees in 55 Division at temple premises from 18 August 2017 evening to 19 August 2017 morning.

The religious ceremony commenced with an elegant procession escorting the Sacred Relic Casket and the Buddhist monks. GOC 55 Div respectfully carried the Sacred Relic Casket and placed in the ''Pirith Mandappaya".

The following day, devotees offered "Heel Dana" morning meal, "Sangika Dana" mid-day meal and "pirikara" to the venerables. The 14 Buddhist monks, Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers of under command Battalions, troops of each Brigade were also present at this meritorious event.

Depositing of Sacred Relics in newly constructed "Stupa" was commenced at 1207 hrs on 19 August 2017 and the pinnacle was placed on the "Stupa" at 12 39 hrs on the same day. Further the pinnacle was unveiled by the GOC 55 Div and Venerable Deepankara Thero at 1251 hrs.

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