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Jaffna Students Reject Extreme Political Activities within University
[Updated :: 2010-06-14 10:25:33 Hours]

A group of members from Inter University Studentsí Council (IUSC) who made an abortive attempt to influence Jaffna University students by infusing politics to their campus life had to face a bitter experience on Sunday (13th June 2010) when their arrival earned wrath of Jaffna students.

Representatives of Jaffna University along with some parents expressed extreme contempt about their presence in Jaffna and demanded immediate return from the peninsula without disturbing their higher education.

They explained the IUSC members in plain words the sacrifices Jaffna students had made during past few years and told that they will no more be catís paw of any opportunists.

Jaffna students confidently told the Convener of IUSC and his group, who made an abortive attempt to make a division among students through unions, that the government and the Jaffna-based Security Forces always come forward to assist them when necessity arises.

IUSC members including some monks and female students had to give up their worthless mission and turn back amidst humiliating welcome of irate Jaffna students.

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