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“Haro Haraa” Echoes the Air around Nallur Again
[Updated :: 2010-08-16 12:25:10 Hours]

Thousands of Hindus paid homage to God Skandha by way of offering flowers, burning incenses and breaking coconuts amidst continuous recital of “Haro Haraa” on Sunday (15) morning when the famous Nallur Kandaswami Hindu temple in Jaffna commenced its annual festival with participation of a large crowd of devotees.

Nallur festival, the biggest religious event in the Jaffna peninsula will last for 25 days and in this year it will culminate on 9th September with “POONKAVANAM” or Eternal Bliss ceremony followed by “THEERTHAM” or Water Cutting ceremony on 8th September. The car festival which usually draws a massive crowd will be held on 7th September.

This year’s festival expects a significant participation of Hindu devotees comparatively due to peace and normalcy prevailing in Jaffna with elimination of terrorism after three decades.

Almost all hotels and other lodges in Jaffna have completed their reservations to meet the demand of local and foreign visitors, especially members of Tamil Diaspora of Hindu faith, expecting to attend this grand festival.

However, Security Forces in Jaffna (SF-J) on instructions of Commander SF-J Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe is implementing special security arrangements throughout the festival with coordination of Temple authorities and senior civil administrative officials in Jaffna.

A meeting between the Commander SF-J and Sri Kumaraswamy Mapana Mudaliyar, the caretaker – “Dharmakartha” of the Nallur Kovil took place one month prior to the beginning of the festival to discuss as to how the Army could assist to make the festival a success.

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