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[Updated :: 2010-05-08 13:30:30 Hours}

It has been observed that certain unscrupulous elements operating for undisclosed agendas and targets are flexing muscles to disrupt normalcy in the Jaffna peninsula by propagating falsehoods, regarding its prevailing security situation in the past three months vis-à-vis several incidence of criminal activities.

As economic boom among the Jaffna populace are fast blossoming and the government’s ‘Northern Spring’ development programme in full swing, particularly after the Security Forces dispensed with previous security restrictions, life in Jaffna has dramatically improved and changed for the better with the new air of freedom for movement and travel. This has been widely visible in every corner of the peninsula in addition to the crowds visiting Jaffna on a daily basis.

Despite this re-awakening, civil crime rate in the whole of the peninsula, during the past three months (February-April) remains relatively very low and does not at all relate to any breakdown in public security as alleged by those interested parties.

At present Police in respective divisions in the peninsula are conducting investigations into a handful of crimes, committed in the period mentioned above.

More than six suspects, including a provincial political leader of a recognized political party have been taken into custody in connection with three crimes. Similarly, the Police have interrogated dozens of people in respective areas regarding two other those crimes and continue to conduct extensive investigations due to lack of eye witnesses and evidence.

Police with the support of Security Forces are working round the clock to maintain law and order in the peninsula while trying to nab those culprits, responsible for criminal acts. Police and the Security Forces, taking all possible measures are determined to net all those criminals, irrespective of their links, social status or different affiliations, in order to ensure a civil society, free from intimidation, thuggery, extortions, murder and all forms of social evils.

Law enforcement against such crimes in no way should be surmised or interpreted as an impediment to the status quo or a security threat, as rumoured by interested elements, both here and abroad, operating with sinister moves. The public is also therefore requested to liaise with the Police or Security Forces or Civil Affairs Coordinating office in Jaffna, in case they need to provide information on any anti-social elements or activities..

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