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Emerge of Missing Girl from nearby House negates Bogus News Reports
[Updated :: 2010-05-06 13:30:30 Hours]

Contrasting the reports published in some electronic and print media on a Grade 5 school girl reported missing from MANIPPAI area after she went to MANIPAY VIVEKANANDA VIDYALAYA on 06th May was found hiding herself inside a nearby house the following day.

Investigations conducted into the matter have revealed that the 11 year old girl, NAGULESHWARAN THENUJA of SANGARAPOLLAI LANE, MANIPAY had been away from her home as a result of a family dispute.

Her father, who is said to be having two wives, is presently serving a period of imprisonment during which animosity between the two women gradually developed, according to Police investigations. As little THENUJA was becoming a victim of the family dispute, her mother had secretly taken her to another house nearby and kept tight-lipped on the matter. Capitalizing the situation, a few media elements with the malice intention of humiliating the security system in Jaffna hurriedly misinterpreted the story and attempted to convince the general public that it is one of so called abduction incidents in the peninsula.

But, locating the said girl inside another house in the close vicinity on the following day further confirmed that series of misreporting of abductions and other criminal acts in Jaffna are baseless and fabricated stories.
However, since a few organized parties are prepared to sabotage the normalcy in Jaffna for meager interests, Security Forces are on full alert to net the criminals.

Thus assassins responsible for the murder of 16 year old KABILAN of CHAVAKACHCHERI between 14th and 27th March were arrested by the Police two weeks ago.

Two more culprits who were directly involved in raping a young girl on 16th March fell into the Police custody while they were trying to avert the arrest.

Three other extortionists who kidnapped a garage owner in MANIPAY on 20th March for ransom were traced and arrested by the Police.

Another incident was reported on 20th April from NAVALI area where an unidentified group in a van attempted to abduct a twelve year old boy but investigations into the matter found no concrete evidence to ascertain that such an abduction attempt really took place.

Considering this situation, Jaffna security authorities wish to draw the public attention on these news reports and inform to be vigilant on anti social groups trying to endanger the prevailing normalcy in the peninsula for personal gains. Security in some areas is beefed up to maintain law and order and to ascertain public security.

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